GS V2.0

[This blog is part of an assignment for a Digital Marketing course]

Versions are supposed to bring out the improved features or new features to a product and/or a service.

But how does it pan out for humans , who are expected to upskill and move ahead in their life by focusing on 360 work<>Life balance.

So , the initial step to “upgrade” ourselves to the next version is to understand first what we really are ,do a self evaluation , an evaluation where we assess the kind of person we are.

The first step is to be “self aware”

we need not be 100% sure about it but , atleast an acceptable in depth analysis is a must.

So , to start with :

A.Basic emotional stability [EQ] : calm/livid /somewhere in between , This determines your ability to build and develop self & interpersonal skills.This will be the starting point of building bridges and networking.

B.Basic Intellectual Quotient [IQ] : Our level of intellect to grasp and have a logical understanding / figure out an synthesize a completely new subject in a realtively low time.This will be the starting point of career/entrepreneurship.

C. Basic Relationship & Family status : You might already be successful in courting someone and be in “committed” , or still searching “single” status.

The type of relationship you have with your father and mother / siblings or extended friends and relatives.

This is the base of the pyramid , where our family and friends form a basis for our happiness and a strong moral support.

So , My version 2.0 will work towards :

A : Improving my EQ , build networks and relationships , with which i shall capitalize on opportunities.

B : Build and sharpen my IQ as a continuous learning process , that will make me more knowledgeable about various subjects and aspire to become a Polymath.

C : Identify and build a way to nurture relationships with a mutually happy living atmosphere.

And as the days and years go by , A+B+C will help me “upgrade” or exponentially grow to a different version!

All the very best !






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Ganesh swaminathan

Ganesh swaminathan

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